The Importance of Hiring a Creative Agency in Lahore, Pakistan

So there were times when people used to buy stuff when it was advertised on TV or radio.

Do you remember the ad of your favorite biscuit from childhood..? Or do you still get excited when you hear those melodious tunes of Rooh Afza’s ad?

I know you are singing it along. *winks*

It happened because these brands had left an impact on you. They were so strongly penetrated in your mind that you still remember them now.

This is not the case now. This generation barely watches TV or listens to the radio. In short, they aren’t accepting the brands which are being marketed through these channels. It is very important for you to get your brand digitized. Especially in Pakistan, when everyone is struggling so hard to get their brands established and their businesses prosper; digital marketing can act as a breakthrough to in Pakistani marketing industry.

Misconceptions about Creative Agencies in Pakistan.

  • Brands think that it would be very costly to hire the agency for work so they try to stick the traditional marketing ways.
  • Some of them have this impression that the website is just a showpiece which will add a bit of ‘SWAG’ and that’s it.
  • Most of them think that having a website is a formality and they don’t even invest their time to update it.
  • Words like SEO, email marketing or social media marketing are considered to be way too modern, and sadly, like a typical Pakistani mentality, modern=expensive.

These are the few myths about digital marketing that I’ve highlighted here. There are so much more. We need to stop thinking like this because this is the era of technology and getting the brands online is our need. Not just getting digital is important, it’s essential to get the best quality services in Pakistan.

Being a Brand, have you ever unglued yourself in deciding whether to choose a creative agency or not..?


Then this article would be really informative for you

So let’s discuss why it is important in Pakistan to hire a creative agency to market your brand.

It’s always in your budget.

It’s a very common myth in Pakistan that hiring a creative agency will cost you a lot, which is not true at all. Trust me, investing a very little amount and setting a budget for digital marketing will boost up your sales and can increase the ROI. You only need to be precise about your objectives and your brand is ready to enter the digital world of marketing, and it’s not even pricey.

No, it’s not just a formality.

Remember the example of biscuits that I’ve mentioned earlier in this article..? The ad of those cookies had left the mark in our minds. That’s what creative agencies do. They add value to your brand. They work in a way that your brand can reach your targeted audience and leave a positive impression on them. Wherever they go or whatever they do they just don’t forget you. An actively running website with proper social media marketing can add relevancy and value to your brand. We, as struggling Pakistani brands, need to know how important it is to introduce a valuable brand to set a benchmark in the marketing industry. That can only be possible if we try to upgrade and update ourselves in a digitally effective way.

Agencies get you what you need.

Is your brand being treated in a way that you’ve expected? No..? When you initiate a business you always set some goals and objectives and if your brand doesn’t work up with the pace you’ve expected you feel dissatisfied and discouraged.

It is because you are stuck with those customary ways of marketing and expecting to get elevated and rising results. In this situation, you are in a dire need of a creative marketing agency that can understand your needs and fill the gaps between your brand and its objectives. From the logo to your website they know what you need and will cater all your needs because getting on the internet is a different thing, you might have a website but how to generate an impression and market your brand online is another thing. The team of professional workers provides your brand an impression that you need.

The contemporary way of working.

Creative marketing agencies in Pakistan work with new and professional manners. They are acquired with the know-how of the latest technology and they are aware of what the audience behind the screens is demanding. They give a life and a new identity to your brands in the digital world. They know what will work and what will not work in Pakistan. Working on creative ideas they make your brand stand out in the market, that can generate an impression and make its presence remarkable.

It will make you distinct and different.

If you want your brand to stand out of the crowd, give it a chance to be treated by a creative marketing agency. They are the professional marketers who will present your brand in an impactful way, which would be different from other businesses and competitors and will leave an amazing and outstanding impression in a marketing agency.

To sum up all, in a nutshell, Pakistani brands need to step ahead and give themselves a chance to understand the importance of getting digitally prime. Creative agencies play a vital role in establishing a brand's image. They add life to your brand by adding creativity and quality to it, so that it can reach its targeted audience and your company can hit the bull's eye by achieving its objectives and targets.

So if you want to upgrade yourself;

Sit back, relax and let the Creative Agency do wonders…!!