Small Businesses and the Impact of a Responsive Web Design in 2021

For those that are not familiar with the term responsive web design, the simplest definition I can give is that a responsive website is optimized for viewing (i.e. looks good) on different types of devices, screens and resolutions. In other words, the design adapts to the available viewing space and offers the user a nice experience without having to move left and right with a scroll bar or zoom-in/zoom-out in order to read the text or view an image. Responsive web design is the design of a website that provides your audience with the easiest reading and navigational experience on any device or computer screen. When a website is responsive, there is no need to resize a page or scroll across to see more information.

More people view websites on Tablets (ie. iPads) and Smartphones today than ever before. The use of 4G connection on devices means that we can look at websites “on the go”.

Why Does Your Business Need a Responsive Web Design?

More people are using mobile devices. A recent PEW Research found that 45% of American adults own a smartphone, and 31% own a tablet computer. As we reported yesterday, smartphone shipments outpace those of regular mobile phones, and tablet growth is surging.

How to Make your Website Responsive:

As the display size decreases from desktop to laptop to tablet and smartphone, each web page’s images and copy blocks are rearranged in an orderly manner for ease of viewing and reading.

Companies that sell goods or services to young consumers will see high mobile traffic values on their websites, while those who are supporting mature employees who are working at their desks (government services) will have lower mobile visit values. Tablet share views are on the rise for all sites because tablets can be used for both personal and business related purposes.

On mobile browsers, pictures, words, and links need to be large. If important information is not legible, visitors quickly leave and you may lose sales because they cannot see or respond your offers.Small business owners cannot afford to ignore this matter, because mobile website browsing continues to overshadow desktop website browsing with each passing day. You should consider hiring a digital marketing agency to make your website mobile friendly.

Reasons Why a Responsive Web Design is Crucial

Save time and money. Making a responsive website may cost slightly more than a conventional website creation project, but this cost is really misleading. In other words, you may able to save your money otherwise that would be spent creating duplicate websites fit for other viewing platforms.

There is no longer a need for a “mobile version” or “desktop version” of your website once you have invested in a responsive web design. This reduction of total development costs means that you are investing in a responsive web design which is actually a money and time-saver aspect. In the contemporary digital climate, it may actually cost you more to neglect a responsive website design. Google has taken a step on the preferred protocol of web design being responsive, making a responsive web design which is a must-have luxury.

Mobile devices are penetrating. People are using them in transit, at work, during meal times, for recreation, and on-the-go to track down locations, businesses, weather reports, and news updates. Truly, the amount of internet traffic stemming from mobile device use is flourishing each day, with its total amount easily surpassing the traffic generated through desktop viewing. For any small business to ignore the importance of responsive web design means that they are missing out on a huge and dominant market demographic.

One of the most important aspects of successful client conversion is the provision of a positive user experience. When trying to navigate an unresponsive website, your potential customer will only be focusing on the frustration they are experiencing, and they are likely to bounce off quickly. When you provide a responsive website, the focus can shift to where it belongs, which is on your small business or brand’s message.

A responsive web design provides the user with an optimized and streamlined experience regardless of their chosen viewing devices, allowing your product and contact information to shine so that you can get your message across. All small businesses should invest in responsive web design, and we have been helping companies keep up to date for years.

The repercussions of failing to invest in a responsive website seem weighty enough on their own; websites simply will not receive proper attention, traffic, and engagement if they are unresponsive, and all of the population will be blinded to your products, services, and mission statement. Conversely, the benefits of responsive web design seem too good to ignore.

In nut shell, for small bushiness it is not an appropriate option to ignore responsive web design. In this period of 21st century, internet has emerged in all aspects and fields of life. Now people rely on just a one click “on the go” option rather than putting more effort into a tiny assignment.