Most of the time i am explaining to my clients about search engine optimization and how it works and what are the best practices to implement who are just entering into the digital market. If you are not an SEO expert it's gonna be a really hectic topic for you. The fact is many businesses don’t really know What SEO really is and why this is damn important thing right now.

As a digital marketing expert i get a lot of Q’s about SEO everyday that's why i have decided to write about this here.

If the SEO is not important then Why Google who handles the data of Trillion Sites is concerned about it? Why there is so much fuss about this?

The Answer is It is Hell Important for your business because the digital media has changed the way we market our business. The original value of SEO is it connects you with your target customers. As more businesses are getting online the competition is increasing every single day and as a business owner you have to take more strategic steps to make your website to appear in Google Search Results for the right keywords.

The truth is you are having a great business and you want to convert more customers with your lavish website. Let me explain in a simple way with a story, Consider your website as a book placed in the book Store.

If you haven't taken any steps towards your business seo that means Your Story Book (Your Website) is placed in the wrong section and how do you think it will catch the attention of the visitor? It never will because the visitor will always visit the right section if he need business books he will only visit the business books section not the kid drawing books you really need to understand this basic thing to get the attention of the target customers your business need to appear to them when they search online.

If your business is not appearing in the search results that simply means you have Jailed Your Business and nobody is having access to it online. SEO is the way for making your business accessible in the right section of the search engine index where the interested target customer will be looking for that.

Telling your business story with the SEO

SEO is telling an awesome and inspirational story of your business and it simply start with a Great Topic, has a message of persuasion and a take away.

A Keyword is equal to a set (Group) of an audience

For you to be a successful in your business startup, you need to know the in's & out's of your audience. You need to check their online activity what social media networks they are using? What sort of content is making them to respond (Engage)?

The first thing to do is to determine what your target clients are searching for. If your business name is ABC consulting then my dear no one will search for abc consulting then what they will search for? They will search for the consulting firm or abc service providing consulting firm this is the right section to target and this is where your website should appear.

Your Website is having a Whole Story to be Told

Take your business website as a complete story of your business in a single package: From Home to the Contact Us page it's your Brand. Then how you are going to tell your brand story and explain all the awesome stuff that your target customer should care about. You categorize your story into web pages.

Web Pages are Equal to the outline of your story

Before you start sketching your story lines into the writing canvas, you need to create the outlines that are unique and will let you stand out from the competition instead of copying others which are the web pages. These web pages covers stuff like values, what we do, about us, testimonials , how it works etc. Every single web page covers a topic of your brand story.

Keywords are equal to the content

When you are done with the keyword research you will have a clear picture of what your target market (audience) is looking for, and now you need to use those keywords to generate content for all the web pages. In the beginning of the SEO Era content stuffing was very popular for ranking but right now it's totally a different story (A war of content ).

Right now keywords are being used just as a topic of your content, webpage, blog post topic or social media post. For example if “Pizza Restaurant” is your keyword for a web page, it should talk about that in the page’s content. In the same way the keyword will make the structure of the web page by speaking about the “Pizza Restaurant” with similar topics and sections.

That's the basic seo stuff which enable your brand to tell your story in a compelling and SEO friendly way to the right target audience.

Let me know if you got Questions about how seo works and your seo efforts?