Paul Rand a very well-known American logo designer of IBM, Enron etc once said:

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”

So have you established your business recently and searched for a logo, which can act as your brand identity for a lifetime? You are not satisfied and content with your current logo? Searching for an agency which can help you to maintain your brand impression so that your logo can stand out of all the other firms in your league..?

Here are the answers for all your questions which are the top FOUR reasons you should hire a creative agency for logo designing in Lahore.

1- Creativity
A logo is something which is tangible in nature but when you see it give you the feeling and meaning of your motto and objectives. No matter how old or new your brand is, a creative logo is not just the stuff of colors and fonts, it is a matter of how creatively you have designed it. As digital marketing agencies have experts in logo designing they are one of the most creative people. So these agencies cater you with a logo which can create a better understanding of your brand and maintain a right impression.

Digital agencies hire the professionals who can fabricate your log and maintain your brand position in the corporate world. So hiring a non-professional logo designer can give you an ordinary logo but handing over this task to an agency can give you an impactful logo. If you want your logo to look awesome, a creative agency is a big ‘YES’ for your requirements.

2- Authenticity
A genuine and authentic logo is the one which can create a long lasting impression, describe your distinctiveness in the industry and indulge your brand’s image.

This is only possible when you have concrete logo design which will not require further changes. So it would be a wise choice to choose a team of professionals who can create a logo, which covers all the aspects of authenticity like understanding the concepts of your brand, context of your perspective and briefly incorporating the idea into a valuable logo with all their technical skills and tactics. Validity of a logo also includes the aspect of originality.

“Be ORIGINAL, copies fade too fast”.
Before choosing the fonts, colors and graphics of your logo which maintains its authenticity and originality these creative agencies understand and research thoroughly about your competitors. If your goals are high and you want to position your brand to be recognized like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Starbucks Nike, or any other well-known brand, selecting an agency is the best thought.

3- Intelligent Design.
The purpose behind the logo is to reminisce and recollect the memories associated with your brand. Whenever an eye catches the sight of the specific logo the impact of your brand sticks into the customer’s mind. Your logo should also be a source of inspiration for your company. A logo should be the one which is psychologically acceptable for your brand image, which can represent the services of your brand, which can give you an identity about your culture and traditions and which is scientifically sound and philosophically rich.

Now a layman might think that how is this possible to inculcate all these factors into a symbol? This is how professional agencies work and design a logo. They understand the language of symbolism. The viewer should be able to understand the metaphoric meaning of your design and should be easily able to grasp the context of your idea and the resourcefulness of your company. This is all about designing a useful and intelligent logo which caters all the needs of your sense of sight.

“Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings”.

Remember that: Stronger your ambitions are; worthy your choice of designer will be. So if you want an impressive and colorful image of your brand in front of your clients and persuade them to maintain a long- term relationship with you, intelligent logo design would leave a positive and desirable impression. Because somehow, first impression is the last impression and to strike the bull's eye you want an intelligent logo from an experienced and creative designing agency.

Now getting a perfect logo and using it is not the end of the story. You need a constant check and supervision for your brand redevelopment. And for this you need to build up a robust relationship with the designer which can only be possible if your designer is from some creative agency who can understand your company.

“Lack of consistency can bring on a lack of interest”.

Mostly, designing agencies provide their services even after designing a logo but this attitude is rarely shown by the individual freelancers. You need this consistency if you are willing to expand your business or introduce new products and services. When it comes to product line extension, one might need their logos in different shapes and sizes. Logo varies from product to product which agencies design and customize according to your requirements. Services also need to be advertised on different brochures, pamphlets and bill boards for which you need proper insurance from agencies which can provide this kind of consistent behavior.

The points discussed above in this article are very reasonable and why it is important to design an impressive logo for a good establishing brand or business. Whether the goals are long term or short term, professional attitude and dedicated work is important. Digital marketing agencies can give you a logo which can be full of life and can create a positively striking brand impression.