Four Reasons to Have HTTPS/SSL On your Website

At Four Ace Studio our premium clients have websites that are already using HTTPS since we started providing free SSL Certificate to our premium clients in early 2017. Here are four reasons why your website should have SSL Certificate in 2018 and beyond.

Security and Trust

Sites which are not having HTTPS send all data between user and the website in clear text when sending that means nothing is secure and encrypted so nerdy hackers can casually intercept the data without having to decrypt it. HTTPS provides security between the browser and the server. Most popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox are have already started to block the page when HTTPS is not proper.

Sites Without HTTPS Say Not Secure in Google Chrome

In 2016 Google announced that users of Chrome will be notified when a website that sends or receives data does not have SSL/HTTPS. Interestingly people are warned by google if the sites are having potential risks in websites before loading them.

Boost in Search Engine Ranking

Google declared in 2014 that it will start to use HTTPS as a ranking factor. That means websites with HTTPS will be ranked higher than the websites that don’t have one. If you want to rank your website then you must have HTTPS to take the advantage.

Free SSL With Good Hosts.

In the past you had to buy an SSL certificate separately which was costing extra money and developers were spending time to validate the SSL Certificates before LetsEncrypt started providing free SSL Certificates but now most of popular web hosting companies like inmotion hosting, dreamhost and WPEngine are providing free SSL Certificates to the customers.

Your website is having a not secure warning? And you want to get trusted by your users and rank higher in Search Engines? If yes we highly recommend using a company which is providing free SSL Certificates.

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