5 Best Tips for Product photography

In Pakistan there are two type of people regarding product photography. First type of people just takes it easy and simple and just click through a smartphone And Meanwhile the second type of people hire a professional product photographer to click the right, awesome product pictures to make their brand standout from the rest.

People in Pakistan market are less aware of the professional product photography or they don’t want to spend some money on this. Right now, it’s the time of eCommerce and Product photography is a damn important thing. If you want to make right impact on your customers then the right image with right colors and light can stand you out.

Your product imagery is going to be used on your brochures, Ads and print collateral. Don’t you think it’s important?

1.Take Formal product images then add some fun

While you are taking product photographs, spend time and take images from different angels. Make sure to take clean, exact, front and back images of the product of course not blurred ones.

2.Use reflections

Another great way to get beautiful and unique images use reflections. You can use mirror, aluminum foil and water. These methods work best when you use a backdrop.

3. Use light on the background not just focus on product.

Every product photographer knows the need of light on the product while taking a shot. But believe me lightening the background can have huge impact to the product shot. You ll be thinking why? The first reason for this is if you use proper light it will be easy to remove background from the product while editing the image secondly your click will have a bright catchy background.

4. Pay attention to product details

To get good quality product photographs is a time-consuming process specially if you don’t have a full fledge product photography studio in Lahore.

5. Take time, make the light perfect

Take time, make the light perfect and use colorful background according the brand you are shooting for. To get detailed product images you should consider avoiding,

  • Fingerprints, smudges and dust on your products or in the background
  • Objects in the corners of the product
  • Lens not focusing properly
  • Camera shake and vibration
  • Running out of camera charging or memory while shooting

In conclusion, Even a Newbie photographer will get good results if using above mentioned tips.