25 Online Marketing tips for your Beauty Salon Business in Lahore

Need Marketing Ideas for your beauty salon business in Lahore to beat the competition? Don’t Worry we are here with 20 killer marketing tips for your salon business:

Revamp your Old Website With a Killer one

Around 70% of businesses in Lahore are having old and non responsive websites which are killing their online presence if you are one of them you should hire a reliable digital marketing agency to redesign your old, broken and brochure kinda website with a creative and professional one which can give a branding boost to the digital side of your business and generate more leads.

Unfortunately if your business is not having a great looking website do get one immediately. Don't just rely on social media because social media is quite unreliable in terms of their policies. Social media is just a great marketing channel that's it. But your website is something solid and authoritative and your own property where you can build your own audience. You should marketing your website and its content through social media networks like Facebook.

Start Accepting Online Appointments

You might be skipping the real beauty of your salon site by not having an online appointment system which is very helpful for you and your customers. Having an online appointment scheduling system reduces workload on your end, save time and make you more productive.

Offer Unique and Exclusive Products

If you want to grab the attention of your targeted customers you need to offer something exclusive and interesting to them which they cannot get anywhere else be the purple cow in the local beauty salons and offer unique services and products to beat your competitors by having a nice online section for your products and services.

Write New and Optimized Content for your website

You need to keep your site content updated and optimized according to Google’s latest SEO trends , we all have content on our website’s, facebook pages and company profiles but most of the times it doesn’t work as we want it to work? Write Unique, customer focused and seo optimized content to be found on the google as well as converting more sales.

Display Testimonials

Show the customer testimonials on your website’s lead pages or in the homepage so that you can create more trust to your site visitors and future customers.

Publish Case Studies

Know about the Before After Famous thing right? It really help the customers to trust your professional experience and work ethics so don’t wait to post some before and after case studies in your website and social media accounts.

Start a blog

If your salon business not having a running blog your business kinda Dead in the digital world because it’s the food for your website which help your to be alive. Blogging is crucial now for your website because it help in various ways to become an authority in your industry as well as keep your site updated and help you in getting huge traffic. Start a blog on your site , pick the right niche and start posting some awesome content.

Post Consistently

Be consistent in posting fresh content on your site and post weekly or monthly your choice.

Solve Problems with your blog content

People are often looking solutions to their problems like in your industry your customers will be looking for skin or hair problems if you are having good solution for them via your blog content (articles) they will probably become your regular visitors or readers or may future customers.

Offer Add On Services for people who come through your website

Give unique value to your online customers by offering them some free add on services and make them feel special if they are coming through your website or social media accounts.

Create a video

Videos are a very popular way to market your business online because some of your target customers are not interested or don’t have time to read your site content but they can watch a few seconds promotional video of your salon. Do have a cool promotional video on your website as well as social media accounts such as Facebook and YouTube.

Host a Webinar

Online Webinars are very popular these days because by hosting a webinar you can easily get popularity or a chance to introduce your business to the people. You can easily host your own webinar or be a part of someone else's webinar as a speaker and tell your story.

Invest in Local SEO

Local seo help your business to be found in Lahore or the location in which you are doing your business. You must optimize your site with relevant local keywords and meta tags yourself or hire a professional marketing agency in Lahore to handle your SEO.

Claim your Google Business listing

Google is the most popular search engine and is being used to search for local businesses if you are not registered in the google then you are losing those customers who are searching for you online. Claim your google business listing as soon as possible to be found locally.

Sign Up for online Directory listing

There is a huge list of local business directory sites which gives you quality backlinks that helps in getting traffic and improves ranking in search engines do claim your local listings but keep in mind use the same information for all your accounts and listings if you will use different ones it will confuse the search engines.

Contribute on Popular Beauty Salon Blogs

Write for the popular beauty and fashion sites in Pakistan and add links to your site. By contributing on other popular sites you will get quality back links which will improve your visibility by 10x. Because their sites are already optimized and popular on the internet and give you great quality back links.

Grow Subscribers

Add some interesting newsletter form in your website so that people who are interested in your salon and content can subscribe for your email list.

Email Marketing

Email is the best way to keep in touch with your old and current customers by sending them email newsletters, exclusive deals and promotions.

Focus on Social media

You can not only interact with your customers through social media but also you can use social media accounts for content marketing, I mean if you are posting articles in your site share them on social media people will follow the link to read the content on your site and you can amaze them with great content, images and user experience.

Create Something Viral

Creating Viral type of content is a bit hard and time consuming but it really give a great push to your business. Criticize, Disagree with someone or follow the hottest industry topics to create an interesting blog post, info-graphic or a video and make it shareable to make it viral.

Post Photos frequently

Have an alliance with a great photographer and often take photos of your work and post them on your social media accounts or use as thumbnails for blog posts.

Invest in Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are cheaper and better than the Google Ads, it's good to invest in Facebook advertising for promoting your site, offer, content or exclusive deals. It will give you a quick boost in terms of visibility, traffic and sales.

Setup a Selfie Spot in your Salon

Selfies are very popular these days and everyone love to take selfies, design a unique selfie spot with your salon’s branding where your customers can take selfies and share them on social media networks like Facebook or Instagram.

Hold a Super Sale

Get the best out of seasonal occasions and events by offering special discounted deals and promote them via social media, email marketing and through your website to get most out of the event.

Boost Online Reviews

Many customers like to check reviews and rating before taking services or using the product so you need to have a strong online visibility. Ask your customers to rate or review your business on social media and other reviewing sites.